Withdrawal from school

  • Parents wishing to withdraw their child from the School, must tender in writing, on or before the due date (31.12.2021), failing which parents have to fulfill the School management norms.
  • Duly filled up ‘Parent Request Form’ (available in school office) has to be submitted for communicating the same along with the copy of proof validating the reason of TC request.
  • Applications for withdrawal must be signed by both parents/official guardian.
  • No T.C. will be issued unless all fees are paid in full and library books returned.
  • Rs.100/- will be charged for the issue of a Transfer Certificate (T.C.).
  • Promotion to the next class will be mentioned in the Transfer Certificate only upon the completion of the academic year.

Withdrawal of application for Transfer Certificate

  • A written application duly signed by the parents should be submitted for cancelling the T.C. application
  • All fees applicable will have to be paid before the child is allowed to resume classes.