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Vocational Education is highly essential in today’s world…

A vocational course, as the name suggests, aims to prepare students for a specific profession, vocation or trade. NCVRT is providing such vocational courses are quite direct in their purpose which is to make students completely job ready.  The term “vocational” means “work-related”. So, if you are pursuing a vocational course as Additional Skill Qualification Training Programmed (ASQTP), it simply means that you are learning skills that will help you get and do a job. Vocational courses involve less of the traditional academic learning and more of hands-on training. Such ASQTP courses focus on applying the skills learnt and are the ideal stepping stone from the world of education to a stable career.

VOCATIONAL SKILLS in High Demand Today…..

Vocational Skills training is training for a specific career of Trade.  Vocational training focuses on practical applications of skills learned and is neutral towards theory or traditional academic skills.  Vocational skills are in high demand, because not everyone has access to higher education, but vocational training can help you learn essential skills for career paths that are needed.

What is Vocational Education?

Vocational Education is a common term that used by most training and education institutes. This type of education focuses on improving skills and needed knowledge for a specific job function. It covers a large number of careers and industries like auto maintenance, carpentry and medical assistance. Vocational training is generally unconcerned with theory or traditional academic skills and it often begins in high school. As many employers prefer to hire people with the professional skills required for a particular position, graduates of vocational schools can stand out among other applicants.

 Advantages of Vocational Education:

  • JOB READINESS: Vocational training focuses on teaching you how to perform the required tasks successfully. As a result, it helps you get into the workforce faster and you can start earning income sooner.
  • LESS TIME: Vocational training providers often offer programs that prepare students for specific career fields in two years or less.
  • LOWER COST: Vocational training programs are cheaper than longer academic educational programs. They are offered through vocational training schools that help students to gain practical work skills.
  • LEARNING STYLE: If you are a student who prefers learning through experimentation and hands-on tasks, Vocational training is the best option for you. It focuses on practical skills rather than lectures.
  • PERSONAL BENEFITS: Vocational training helps you to develop your communication skills by connecting with teachers and peers. Also, it has a positive impact on your motivation and self-confidence.

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