Feedback from UKG D Parent: Thanks a lot Mam , this pandemic bring us most difficult times and I can Imagine as a teacher it has made even difficult with starting online classes and getting through tough time managing student as well as parent. Without your dedication, hardwork and love to kids it won’t even possible to complete this year. Once again thanks a lot .

Mother of Aswanth kanna LKG -B: I would like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much effort for us during these hard times.The school has been off but our learning hasn’t, all thanks to the teachers. I’m extremely grateful to Ms. Manimegalai and Ms. Aswini Madam and thank you so much for being so thoughtful and making the things easy for the parents.Especially the ‘LISTENING ACTIVITY’ session went so well. Thank you again to Ms. Manimegalai and Ms. Aswini Madam for planning everything in such a thoughtful, mature and wise manner . And I wanted to acknowledge how beautifully the school has managed to help us in this arduous time.

Feedback from LKG B parent : A big Thank you to all the teachers for your continuous efforts and encouragement to kids. 2020-21 was very tough for all of us but learning and fun did not stop for the students in MVM. Ms. Roobini mam, Ms. Shahin mam, Ms. Suprita mam, Ms. Ranjana mam, Ms. Kanchana mam.. Special mention to tamil mam and arts mam.. hats off to all of you . A million and zillion stars for all of you.

Feedback from 2F parent : Thank u so much mam. We are thankful for your dedication of each online classes, so that it makes our child studies fruitful and interesting. Thanks a lot mam

Thanks a lot Mam , this pandemic bring us most difficult times and I can Imagine as a teacher it has made even difficult with starting online classes and getting through tough time managing student as well as parent. Without your dedication, hard work and love to kids it won’t even possible to complete this year. Once again thanks a lot .

Feed back from LKG C Parent: Dear Ms. Sulochana & Ms. Parameswari madam, I would like to thank you for the efforts taken to start giving online classes at this difficult time of lockdown. We all know it’s not possible for children to attend the classes at this time which could result in loss of their studies. But we are really happy by the steps taken by your school to continue providing online classes so that even in this time  children can still learn new things and their time is not completely wasted and kids were taking interest in assignments given by you and putting a lot of efforts to complete it. Once again thanks.

2 G feedback: Thanks a lot mam…we had wonderful 2 years with you…..You are an excellent teacher who guides and supports children…Rishi really enjoyed with you and started missing you telling he needs you for 3rd std tooo.Your way of teaching and training the students with individual care to each and every student is really wonderful..As a parent i will also be missing interacting with you.

Thanks for your support throughout this academic year..Without your guidance nothing is possible.. Keep going with the same spirit.

LKG E Feedback: Thanks mam for all guidance and support. Virtually handling classes and exams an entire academic year is really appreciatable Mam. Success is not possible without our sweet little kids adapting to this big change. Kudos to all our kids.

LKG A Feedback: Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching. He learnt a lot of things in online classes . I pray to God hopefully you will be UKG class teacher. I am thankful because you are truly wonderful teacher Meet you very soon Mam.

A great efforts by the teachers which is a big challenge for them to teach pre kg kids though online.Hats off mam,thanks to all….

Thanks a lot for all your efforts, support and care towards our children in successfully completing this academic year mam… It means a lot to all of us..

Thank you teachers.. Its a true blessing to have your support in this lockdown period for conducting the classes.. Really had a good time with you all.. Thank you

Pre KG Feedback : Thanks to all KG teachers. Kids enjoyed in doing activity and they learnt a lot through online class . Once again thank to all teachers ..

Lkg A feedback : Thank you so much for the wonderful year mam.. It was a great teaching from all of you and Dhakshesh had a very good year learning new things.. Really miss your classes. Hope to see you in UKG as well. Thank you so much again mam.

Lkg A Feedback :Dear madam, It was a pleasure working with all the teachers of LKG A. I place on record our sincere appreciations for the dedicated service rendered in spite of the pandemic. Thank you madam.

Thank you so much to Ms. Sulochana and Ms. Parameswari madam for their efforts put in for the students career. I would not say that my kid has wasted one year due to the pandemic. It’s been a very nice journey and good technological learning by the kids.. but initially it was pretty difficult to make the kid to sit for the class and make them attentive.. but later when time went on it was a joy for them.. thank you once again to the teachers for cherishing the kids.

LKG C Feedback: Your appreciation to kids during evaluations really worked out and encouraged my kid to study and learn more.

2A Feedback: Hi mam, Thanks a lot for your wonderful job even in this pandemic… We had great years with you… We will miss your guidance and support… It was a great teaching from all of you… Keep going with the same spirit.

2A Parent of N.vishwa bala : Thank you so much mam. We felt very comfort even in this Crucial situation as you been the class teacher for consecutive two years ,thanks a lot once again kudos to all the teachers keep going.

2B feedback: A big thank you for all the Grade 2 teachers .. it was a great effort from all of you to keep engaging the kids with your activities during pandemic.. Though missed the school, they enjoyed a lot .. we too learnt how to teach kids and it is a wonderful learning for all.. once again thank you for all your significant efforts..

UKG D Feedback: Thanks a lot mam. Very good effort in online teaching. We also thank you for the support. It was very new for us to learn and make our kids learn in this way of platform. It was good experience and learning for us thanks for this and I believe teacher are given there best so grateful. In this situation, this okay. But, really kids were missing there school time there friends direct contact with there teachers and friends. We all hope our upcoming year will be normal like how we were before.

Thanks for the wonderful support.Thank you teachers for your wonderful support in this pandemic period. My kid really enjoyed the class everyday. The activities which you have done during the classes (like objects that float and sink) made the kids to do and learn the concepts clearly. Thank you for your regular effort. Thank you Ms. Nithya madam and Ms. Yasmin madam.

LKG D Parent : Good noon mam… To start with we render our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers for their relentless efforts… Imparting an undisturbed education during the pandemic is really a challenging aspect. Still it was made possible for our kids through the thoughtfully designed methodologies by you teachers. Regular classes alongside with various activities helped us to hold the continuous attention of our kids. Ms.Nithya Madam, Ms. Yasmin Madam and Ms.Harishma Madam…Thanking you all again. All your efforts are highly appreciable

2 A Parent feedback : My daughter had a great two years with you Mam.. she learnt a lot in your guidance.. Thanks a lot to all 2 std teachers.. what a remarkable effort you all have given during lockdown… Learning never stops..

1 E Parent: Dear mam, We are very happy to get a supportive teacher and this pandemic made my child to learn and understand the concepts clearly. The Grammer was very well explained and it reached the child’s mind which made parent work easy. Since it is online there were no compromises on children in giving chance to speak. Kudos to all the teachers who handled all the subjects.My sincere thanks to the the Management ,Principal and Staffs. We are happy and getting ready for next academic year. Thank you mam

2 A feedback: Thanks alot mam with all your hard work and passion towards students got such brightness in studies. I’m grateful to all the teachers and Management…..

Pranay’s Parent: Thanks for your kind support throughout this year Ms. Aswini mam… Much Appreciated ….Thank you mam-..

Std 2 Feedback: Thank you Ms. Aswini mam for your great support and guidance in this academic year. It’s really great to handle kids through virtual. Done a good job..

LKG E Feedback: I wish the entire team for putting great efforts in teaching children. Even though it was completely online the way of teaching by Ms. Manimegalai and Ms. Ashwini mam was very great and helps the children to understand and keep in touch with their learning.

LKG B parent: Dear Durga mam, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for my child’s education.. thank you so much for your caring and effort you made my kid to learn in this pandemic year..I was so worried about this academic year 2020-2021 but you teachers made a wonderful virtual learning platform for kindergarten kids.. you are so supportive and caring to the kids and I am very thankful to you that my son can read words and sentences whatever he is seeing around us with phonic sounds.. I am very thankful and happy with your teaching and tremendous efforts taken by you throughout this academic year..Thank you so much for your wonderful support mam..

3C Feedback : Dear mam, Thank you for your support and caring. Till date I have not seen my child’s class rather than the assessment, This is all because of the confidence on the class teacher . I am very grateful to get a lovable teacher which made the parent’s work less in making my child to do his work . Thank you so much for your smart teaching. I thank all the subject teachers who made this year of education valuable. Our sincere thanks to the Management, Principal and Staff of MVM.

3C Feedback: Dear mam, Thanks for online class, which was first time to us and with lot of patience, am have executed very well with all students.Also,clear vision was available with mam and all portions are cleared on time. We can see lot of involvement in class with student even with lot of difficulties. Thanks a lot.

3C Feedback : Thanks a lot Mam , this pandemic bring us most difficult times and I can Imagine as a teacher it has made even difficult with starting online classes and getting through tough time managing student as well as parent. Without your dedication, hard work and love to kids it won’t even possible to complete this year. We are happy by all your teachers support to kids for not missing all main needs done in school as of in virtually too. It seems how much hard work put your side and also mvm Management planed for virtual classes without any distraction. Once again thanks a lot to all teachers

LKG F: This pandemic situation really makes both parents and teachers to take up a challenge.. Now we successfully completed the challenge by making our kids to move forward a step in their educational journey..thanks a lot mam and other staffs who worked and made this year a successful one.

I really want to appreciate and give a great applause to all our wonderful teachers of MVM Mangadu. As a parent, I am fully satisfied with the online classes. Apart from taking just online classes, they used to interact with students through Q & A session in the last 10 mins of every class. They used to explain every concept through a detailed presentation which helps the students to observe and understand much easily. Subject related activities were made by the students to come up with their own creative thoughts / ideas.

Thanks for online class with a lot of patience. Mam had executed very well with all students. Also, all the portions were covered on time with clear explanations. We can see a lot of involvement in class from students.

Thank you for all the teachers for your support towards our kids. It shows how much hardwork you have put from your side and also MVM management planned for virtual classes without any distraction. Once again thanks a lot to all teachers. Other than the subject curriculum, teachers and management had conducted many virtual programmes and competitions in order to showcase the individual talents. Last but not least, even in this pandemic situation, they had done everything in an organized way. Once again, want to extend my grateful thanks to everyone.